Who We Are...

Get to know us a bit better!

We are the Watkins family (Roland, Reuben, Stuart, Tom and Davina) and we've been farming here since the 1950s. In 2008 we decided to make the big leap and open up a shop here at Cwmcerrig. We don’t like to do things by halves so we built a whopping 8000 sq ft facility with a restaurant too! The shop opened in 2009 and we’ve not looked back.

Since opening we’ve won many awards, including several national farm shop of the year competitions, so we must be doing something right.

We’re proud of the meat we produce here at Cwmcerrig and are delighted to now be selling it direct to our customers in our shop. Our Texel lamb and Hereford beef are reared here at Cwmcerrig to high standards of animal welfare. Not only is this the kind thing to do, but the meat tastes better. 

The Watkins brothers manage the shop, assisted by a fantastic and passionate team including many other family members such as Will (see left) and Nick, who are assistant managers. 

We hope you enjoy visiting Cwmcerrig as much as we enjoy working here!

Some comments from our visitors book:

“Superb shop, excellent food, very good value. Keep it up, will come again”
“Fantastic in every way, marvellous food”
“Wonderful food and atmosphere”
“Wish we had something like this in Canada! We’ll be coming back in the future!”

From our customer questionnaires:

“Restaurant food superb quality as usual plus service with a genuine smile. Shop full to the brim with goodies” G.Evans

“A wonderful place, excellent food, very welcoming, will definitely call again” D.Williams

“It’s my favourite shop in the world!” J. Llewellyn

“Just fantastic and so much Welsh produce – a real treat. Thank you!” S. Ormand